Dogs Quiz Bowwow Touch : Simple Game with 109 Dogs

Dogs Quiz Bowwow Touch : Simple Game with 109 Dogs

por Eiji Ichikawa

  • Categoria: Games
  • Data de Lançamento: 2014-02-20
  • Versão Atual: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Tamanho do Arquivo: 44.21 MB
  • Desenvolvedor: Eiji Ichikawa
  • Compatibilidade: Requer iOS 10.3 ou posterior.


Dogs Quiz Bowwow Touch :: One Touch Simple Game with 109 dogs 109 dogs are large sets. The simple casual game which finds the dog of a title quickly and touches it out of many dogs. The cleared stage gets used to a dog in detail further from the link to Wikipedia! The dogs of each stage are allowed to quote a picture from the distribution diagram (The Generation of Dogs) of a dog, after checking use consent with Inusapuri ( * Function The speech function to teach the name of an animal The function murmured by Twitter It corresponds to GameCenter. *BGM 'GReen' by GReen feat. Eiji *dog list Tibetan Mastiff Pug Belgian Tervuren German Shepherd Dog Briard Maltese Lhasa Apso TIbetan Terrier Smoyed Ibizan Hound Saluki Tomarctus Neapolitan Mastiff Komondor Collie Old English Speepdog Bearded Collie Lowchen Bichon Frise Shar Pei ChowChow Afghan Hound Basenji Italian Greyhound Bloodhound Standard Poodle Puli Border Collia Australian CattleDog Shih Tzu Pekingese Tibetan Speniel Japanese Chin Chihuahua Grey Hound Borzoi Glen of Imaal Terrier Basset Hound Great Dane Mastiff Shetland Sheepdog Welsh Corgi Penbrake Norwegian Elkhound Pomeranian Keeshond Japanese Spits Irish Wolfhound Shcottish Terrier Wire Fox Terrier Parson Russell Terrier Tosa Rhodesian Ridgeback Bulldog Rottweiler Boxer Papillon Cavalier King Charies Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel Alaskan Malamute Whippet Manchester Terrier Airedale Terrier Jack Russell Terrier Great Pyrenees Bernese Mountain Dog Bullmastiff Dobermann Miniature Pinscher English Springer Spaniel American Cocker Spaniel English Setter Siberian Husky Yorkshire Terrier Smooth Haired Dachshund Cairn Terrier West Highland White Terrier St. Bernard Newfoundland French Bulldog Boston Terrier Bull Terrier Miniature Schnauzer Gordon Setter Irish Setter Weimaranaer Australian Terrier Wire Haired Dachshund Long Hared Dacheshund Beagle Leonberger Golden Retriever Labrador Retrivever Flat-Coated Retrever Miniature Bull Terrier Stanffordshire Bull Terrier Dutch Smoushond Dalmatian Vizsla Pointer Dandie Dinmont Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Border Terrier Norwich Terrier German Shorthaired Pointer German Wirehaired Pointer Akita Shiba Kai Welsh Terrier