Leaves Quiz Touch

Leaves Quiz Touch

por Eiji Ichikawa

  • Categoria: Games
  • Data de Lançamento: 2014-01-28
  • Versão Atual: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Tamanho do Arquivo: 37.62 MB
  • Desenvolvedor: Eiji Ichikawa
  • Compatibilidade: Requer iOS 10.3 ou posterior.


Leaves,Quiz,Touch,Green,Red,Yellow,leaves - colorful leaf memory quiz. It is to the world of a leaf in the reference to the image and Wiki of a leaf. I will come into contact with a leaf in a life! - ■The simple game which memorizes the image of a season and a leaf, and it discovers and touches in the combination of a season and a leaf out of many leaves. ■Fanction - Linked Wikipedia. - 107 stage exists. ■Leaves List Camellia Hiba Acer Palmatum Monstera Japanense Chinquapin Guiana Chestnur Persimmon Leyland Cypress Chaste Tree Machilus thunbergii Quercus Aliena Clover Japanese Maple Japanese Big Maple Castor Bean Fig Tree Bitter Melon English Ivy Japanese Pagoda Tree Alocasia American Red Oak Chinese Elm American Sweetgun Sycamore Lotus Oakleaf Hydrangea Kapok Yellow Catalpa Laurel Coleus Sugar Maple Crape Myrtle Tree Of Heaven Persian Shield Smokebush Chinese Sweetgun Japanese Rowan Chinese Parsaol Tree Japanese Oak Nikko Maple Tulip Tree Japanese Andromeda Wax Tree Mather Leaf Red Maple Fig Tree Sasanqua Pin Oak Nadina Japanese Aralia Japanese Dogwood American Sweetgun Japanese Zelkova Japanese Cherry Bamboo Leaved Oak Machilus thunbergii Burning Bush Flowering Dogwood Silver Net Plant Maidenhair Tree Persimmon Textoria Trifida Horned Maple Sawtooth Oak Japanese Mulberry Tulip Tree Trident Maple Yulan Magnolia Lusterleaf Mahonia confusa 'Narihira' Fullmoon Maple Acer Pycnanthum Japanese Snowball Japanese Witch Hazel Sycamore Goldenbell Tree Blueberry Japanese Maple Japanese Big Maple Japanese Cherry Chinese Sweetgun American Sweetgun Chinese Fringe Bush Ficus Erecta Japanese Maple Sweet Viburnum Quercus Serrata Chinese Sweetgun Wax Tree Ring-cupped Oak Mahonia Decussocarpus Nagi Hibiscus Hamabo Rose Griffith's Ash Buttercup Winter Hazel Loquat English Ivy Japanese Aralia Fragrant Olive Japanese Cedar Machilus thunbergii Glossy Privet Nandina Holly Feijoa Lemon ■Family List Theaceae Cupressaceae Aceraceae Araceae Fagaceae Bombacaceae Ebenaceae Cupressaceae Verbenaceae Lauraceae Fagaceae Fabaceae Aceraceae Aceraceae Euphorbiaceae Moraceae Cucurbitaceae Araliaceae Fabaceae Araceae Fagaceae Ulmaceae Altingiaceae Platanaceae Nelumbonaceae Hydrangeaceae Malvaceae Bignoniaceae Lauraceae Lamiaceae Aceraceae Lythraceae Simaroubaceae Family Acanthaceae Anacardiaceae Altingiaceae Rosaceae Malvaceae Fagaceae Aceraceae Magnoliaceae Ericaceae Anacardiaceae Crassulaceae Aceraceae Moraceae Theaceae Fagaceae Berberidaceae Araliaceae Cornaceae Altingiaceae Ulmaceae Rosaceae Fagaceae Lauraceae Celastraceae Cornaceae Family Acanthaceae Ginkgoaceae Ebenaceae Araliaceae Aceraceae Fagaceae Moraceae Magnoliaceae Aceraceae Magnoliaceae Aquifoliaceae Berberidaceae Aceraceae Aceraceae Caprifoliaceae Hamamelidaceae Platanaceae Oleaceae Ericaceae Aceraceae Aceraceae Rosaceae Altingiaceae Altingiaceae Hamamelidaceae Moraceae Aceraceae Caprifoliaceae Fagaceae Altingiaceae Anacardiaceae Fagaceae Berberidaceae Podocarpaceae Malvaceae Rosaceae Oleaceae Hamamelidaceae Rosaceae Araliaceae Araliaceae Oleaceae Cupressaceae Lauraceae Oleaceae Berberidaceae Oleaceae Myrtaceae Rutaceae