Guardian Angel :: Aura's color

Guardian Angel :: Aura's color

por Eiji Ichikawa

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  • Data de Lançamento: 2017-08-04
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  • Desenvolvedor: Eiji Ichikawa
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◆ The outline: An angel is always near you. When always telling gratitude to God, you deliver that to God's place. A guardian angel derives the aura color of the soul and predicts your natural feature from your date of birth by this application! I shoulder by its color's changing iridescently during concerning various people. ※ Chemistry fortune-telling is freed by accounting in the application! ◆ Introducing: I'm a system engineer. The specialty has arranged composition and has developed an application as a hobby. School days were learned about mathematics and an impact was received in an unexpected relation between mathematics and music. I'm homesick for having served as a chief director of a psychology workshop, submitting tarot cards by a school festival and bearing response fairly. Fortunetelling by blood type, animal fortune-telling, six astrology, Indian fortune-telling, cat fortune-telling, dog fortune-telling and fortune-telling of home electronics as well as astrology believe God in now, and are living but fortune-telling loving originally, and that quite worth since trying that case's popularity thing, I was enjoying myself. I aimed at the one and 12 colors of color fortune-telling this time and adapted as an aura appraisal application of the soul a guardian angel tells. It was an option, but I also prepared chemistry fortune-telling. The harmony of the color and the color is doing blend processing actually. When it's an area in the Christian era for an application, it's possible to read a person's fortune in a period in all futures from the past. ◆ The historic great persons who have searched about the universe noticed that this universe is filled with mathematical mystery. It's full of 12 and something in which I have the periodicity I say at the earth where we live in it. I'm set as 12 months in 1, make the astrology predicted with concerning with 12 constellations of ecliptic a representative and am also shared with 12 kinds of destiny cycle about six stars. The one which predicts luck in spite of the Western Orient is 12, and something divided is a lot of ones. I came also to divide into the end of a study and a scale of 12 about a scale. Even if the scale will be made fortune-telling, it may be a fascinating one. Such impression has come indeed, so I'd like to give the form to the plan and release it soon. As the earth went around the sun, God made sure that the season will happen. The period when I tour around the sun is set as one year, and there are four seasons, and the life is born, grows up and grows in its cycle, and there is a flow which is being inherited in the next generation. ◆ Is the character decided only in a birthday? No, there are no such things of course. Even if I'm a twin, the character is different.Indeed the life is multifarious. Who will be that everyone is able to allow the individuality the same person isn't here as one person, and to be different in a person respectively? The one which was just applied to its special quality establishes various structures, and is fortune-telling. A lot of ones are the fortune-telling into which 12 was divided, but if you're on good terms with 12 people and have the disposition and the style it can be indeed, you'd be able to keep the life when the person is after that well with every kind of person. But a strange one is to find fortune-telling to be worth to some degree. There is various fortune-telling, so I think I hope that you read a person's fortune multilaterally. ◆ Does destiny change from 23:59 between 0:00? In case of the fortune-telling appraisal done based on a date, such question often springs. Please also refer to a result of the day next to it for the person born between 0:00 from sunset. In the same way, please also refer to the previous day's result for the person born by a dawn from 0:00. Everybody, good luck, I hope.