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Breast Feeding App

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To the uninitiated, breastfeeding seems like a piece of cake: Place baby on boob, do crossword puzzles for the next 20 minutes, repeat. But for many of us moms, this natural act is anything but second nature. Luckily, help is just a touchscreen away. We rounded up of the best articles and tips for new moms; whether you have burning questions about milk supply or need to find a spot to nurse alfresco, take a look the app. This app contains the best articles on the topics: ◆ Breastfeeding Articles ◆ Rational Nutrition ◆ Healthy Mom and Baby ◆ Healthy Mom and Baby ◆ And Other Info Breastfeeding Articles ● 10 Things You Didn't Know About Breastfeeding ● Combining Breastfeeding with Formula ● How to Wean Your Child from Breastfeeding ● Medications and Breastfeeding ● Pacifiers, Bottles, and Breastfeeding: Easy Ways to Wean ● Advice from a Lactation Consultant ● 5 Common New-Mom Challenges ● How to Use a Manual Breast Pump ● What's In Your Breast Milk? ● Natural Breastfeeding Remedies: Do They Work? ● Avoid the Most Common Breastfeeding Problems ● Breastfeeding Basics ● 31 Breastfeeding Secrets ● 10 Things to Know About Breastfeeding ● 7 Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding Rational Nutrition ● 5 Foods That Could Help Increase Your Breastmilk Supply ● What's Safe to Eat When Breastfeeding ● Your Breastfeeding Diet ● 10 Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding ● 10 Foods to Increase Lactation ● 12 Superfoods for Breastfeeding Moms ● Nutrition Tips for Breastfeeding Mothers ● Do breastfeeding mothers need extra calories or fluids? ● Nutrition During Breastfeeding ● Nutrition For New Mothers ● Your Guide to Baby's Weight Gain ● Feeding Your 9- to 12-Month-Old ● Portion Guide for Baby's First Year ● Gas in Breastfed Babies ● 20 Foods to Feed Your Baby Before Age One Healthy Mom and Baby ● Will Your Breasts Ever Be the Same After Pregnancy? ● 10 Breastfeeding Tips You Need Now ● Top 10 Tips for Boosting Your Breast Milk Supply ● 10 ways to prevent and treat sore nipples ● 20 Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby ● 10 Things New Moms Don't Know About Breastfeeding ● The Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Sore Nipples ● 5 Simple Steps To Breastfeeding Success ● How to Breastfeed: Mastering the Latch ● 4 Exercises to Help Baby Get Stronger ● 6 Tips for Baby Tooth Care ● 30 Little Ways to Bond With Baby ● Encouraging Baby to Crawl ● 7 Tips for Getting Baby Latched On to the Breast ● Nurse Your Body! 50+ Breastfeeding Tips ● Avoid comparisons. ● Trust yourself. ● Keep well hydrated. ● Get a Boppy. I love my Boppy. ● Your pump can help with problems. ● Keep at it even if you have a cold. ● If you need to, supplement. ● Don't worry if your baby looks tiny. ● Practice nursing in public. ● The scoop on poop. ● Seedy is good. ● Don't worry if the poop comes in different colors. ● How wet is wet? ● Give it a swirl. ● Don't worry about the consistency. ● Moist heat encourages let down. ● Reading may help you relax. ● Pump while you nurse to boost output. ● Check your latch. ● Frozen peas aren't just food. ● Cabbage combats soreness. ● No biting allowed. ● Attend a breastfeeding class with your spouse. ● Have a breastfeeding book or two as references. ● Planning to give birth in hospital? ● Invest on some nursing bras / nursing tops ● Aim for natural, un-medicated birth. ● Aim for skin-to-skin contact right after birth. ● Practice rooming in with your baby... ● Learn your baby’s hunger cues ● Ensure that your baby latches correctly. ● Nipple tenderness / soreness is common during the early days... ● Nipple cream... ● Newborns nurse very frequently... ● A healthy baby will tell... ● Except when dealing with sleepy babies... ● Please know that every baby-mother couple is unique. ● Not every baby’s cry is because he wants to nurse / needs more milk. ● Avoid using pacifiers in the early days. ... and many other useful tips! -- ◆ ONLY TODAY ◆ 50% OFF SALE ◆ BUY NOW ◆